Is my dog too old to train?

Probably not. I taught Spike all of his position commands in French when he was 6 years old. The only real barriers are mobility and motivation. As long as your dog can move around comfortably, we can build motivation, and a motivated dog can learn.The ideal time to start training is under 6 months of age. If you get your dog started with Carter at that age, you can't fail. As your dog ages, their behavior patterns become more ingrained and less malleable. That being said, there is always progress to be made with your dog, so start training him now!

What methods do you use to train dogs?

Our science based training methods heavily emphasize building a strong relationship between dog and handler using reward-based training and teaching handlers how to improve their timing and communication with their dog through "marker training." We utilize a balanced and comprehensive approach to interacting with dogs that encompasses both positive and negative reinforcement and punishment which allows us to customize our training system for each dog and handler team. Carter Levy and C4 follows the guidelines for dog training that Michael Ellis teaches. To learn more about Michael Ellis' philosophy please watch this video on YouTube

How long does it take to train a dog?

Fifteen minutes and a lifetime. Your dog is constantly learning about the world around him. He will continue to learn as long as he lives. To keep your dog sharp on obedience cues, 15 minutes a day is often enough. Dogs with behavioral problems may require significantly more time.

What dog breeds are easiest to train?

The easiest dogs to train are not necessarily the easiest dogs to own. Dogs who are easy to train are usually very high-energy, highly motivated by food and movement, and very curious. These characteristics could drive a casual pet owner crazy! A dog who is easy to train, is generally the dog that needs to be trained most. That being said, I have met and seen dogs of almost every breed with the proper motivation to learn anything very quickly. The opposite is also true, I have seen many dogs of different breeds who have low motivation for various exercises.

How much does it cost to train my dog?

There are a variety of factors that go into this. The largest factors are what you want to train your dog to do, and the characteristics of your specific dog. Please fill out a prospective client questionnaire to begin discussing your training needs.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Charm City Canine Company does not discriminate against aggressive dogs, whether in the context of human aggression, or dog on dog aggression. Please see the article on "training aggressive dogs" by Carter Levy.

My puppy nips at me and sometimes growls and barks, Is this normal? Is he aggressive?

This is normal. It does not mean your dog is aggressive. Puppies are often quite mouthy until they have gotten their adult teeth. A dog’s main tools for interacting is his mouth. If your puppy were still with his litter, he and his litter mates would be biting and wrestling with each other all day long. As humans, our main form of interaction is our hands. As we interact with a young dog, inevitably our hands will be bitten. We use non-reinforcement with a biting puppy and try to quickly engage him in something more interesting than our hand. If we are ignoring our puppy they may bite at us, growl, or bark to get our attention. He just wants to be engaged. This is a perfect time to do some food training. You have your puppy's focus, he is motivated, and active.